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Question 41

The area later referred to as Cameroon was mandated to


A) France and Britain

B) Portugal and Spain

C) Belgium and Italy

D) Germany and Belgium.

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Question 42

The British government took over the control of the Colony of Sierra Leone in 1807 in order to use it as a


A) major trading port in the West African region

B) centre for the spread of British culture

C) base for anti-slave trade naval patrol

D) base to penet West African interior.

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Question 43

Nationalist’s resistance to colonialism in Africa was influenced by


A) the level of literacy among the people

B) relations between the Africans and Europeans

C) the effect of Islamic religion on the people

D) the nature and character of the leadership.

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Question 44

The nationalist leaders who played prominent roles during Zimbabwe’s struggle for independence were


A) Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo

B) Abel Muzerewaand Kamuzu Banda

C) Sam Nujoma and Chris Hani

D) Ndabaningi Sithole and Augustiho Neto.

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Question 45

The principal anti-apartheid party in South Africa was the


A) African National Congress

B) Afrikaner National Party

C) National Party

D) Unionist Congress.

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Question 46

The power that emerged after the First World War was


A) Great Britain

B) Russia

C) the USA

D) Japan.

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Question 47

Northern Rhodesia, on becoming a Crown Colony, was administered by the


A) United Nations Organization

B) Commonwealth of Nations

C) British Foreign Affairs Department

D) British Colonial Office.

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Question 48

The Nok civilization suggests that


A) Nigeria passed through different stages of development

B) civilization in the area began with the Stone Age

C) the people of Nigeria came from the East

D) Nigerian civilization is related to that of Greek.

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Question 49

The development of mircoliths is associated with the


A) Middle Age Stone

B) Late Stone Age

C) Iron Age

D) Early Stone Age.

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Question 50

In pre-colonial Nigeria, intergroup contacts were encourage mostly by


A) economic interdependence

B) military alliance

C) marriage ties

D) political ties

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