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Question 31

In 1805, Muhammad Ali became the Pasha of Egypt as a result of


A) his leadership qualities

B) the deposition of the sultan

C) his military background

D) the voluntary retirement of the sultan.

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Question 32

French delay in occupying Algeria was attributed to


A) demographic reasons

B) insufficient officials

C) the people’s resistance

D) fear of British reaction.

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Question 33

The Mahdiyya Movement in the sudan was principally a reaction against


A) internal oppression

B) northern domination

C) foreign pressures

D) economic difficulties.

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Question 34

The reign of Sayyid said in East Africa was marked by


A) a gradual growth in Portuguese influence

B) decline in the slave trade

C) crises at home and pirates at sea

D) the loss of Pate to the Mazrui.

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Question 35

By 1700, the Portuguese had been expelled from all their coastal strongholds in East Africa by the


A) Arab traders

B) English traders

C) Belgium traders

D) Indian traders.

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Question 36

One of the factors that attracted the Europeans to East Africa was the desire


A) for tropical produce

B) for territorial expansion

C) to establish Christian missions

D) to spread Western education.

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Question 37

The rise of Shaka the Zulu was a result
of the


A) introduction of new military tactics

B) support he got from the Boer

C) wealth he acquired from heavy taxation

D) decentralization of political authority.

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Question 38

The dissatisfaction of the Boer with British reforms at the Cape Colony made them to


A) stage a rebellion against the British

B) negotiate peace settlement with the British

C) form a strong political organization

D) emigrate from the area.

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Question 39

The policy of separation of the races in South Africa was first adopted in the Cape by the


A) British

B) French

C) Germans

D) Boer.

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Question 40

The last European power to join the race for colonies in Africa was


A) France

B) Portugal

C) Germany

D) Belgium.

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