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Question 21

The Native Authority system in Northern Nigerian was established to


A) assist in the collection of taxes and general administration

B) regulate the number of European District Officers

C) streamline electoral laws in the area

D) support the spread of Christian missionary activities.

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Question 22

Anti-colonial movements in Nigeria before the World War II involved


A) attempts to violently chase the British out of the country

B) collaboration with the British authority

C) peaceful protests through petitions and conferences

D) the establishment of pressure groups by traditional rulers.

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Question 23

Politics in Nigeria’s First republic was characterized by


A) religion and ethnicity

B) religion and regionalism

C) ethnicity and regionalism

D) regionalism and despotism.

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Question 24

In 1963, the Eastern region of Nigeria went to the supreme court over the


A) decision of the federal government to conduct a fresh census

B) exclusion of Easterners resident in the North from the census

C) the population figures of the national census

D) exclusion of women in the national census.

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Question 25

The immediate cause of the Nigerian Civil War was the


A) coup detat of January 1966

B) crisis in the Western region

C) poor social policy of the First Republic

D) crisis of the 1962 Census

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Question 26

The major reason for Nigeria’s interest in the Liberian Civil War was to save herself from


A) bearing the burden of the war’s refugees

B) losing her investments in Liberia

C) losing her citizens in Liberia

D) losing her position as a regional power.

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Question 27

The most significant act of statesmanship associated with
Abdulsalami regime was


A) promulgate the 1999 Constitution

B) handing over power to a civilian government

C) the release of political prisoners

D) organizing successful general elections.

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Question 28

The major feature of the War against Indiscipline were


A) queuing culture and environmental sanitation

B) public flogging and payment of fines

C) arrest of offenders and imprisonment of convicts

D) high slogans and beating of drums.

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Question 29

Which of the following was referred to as ‘Province of Freedom’ in the 19th century?


A) Liberia

B) Ghana

C) The Gambia

D) Sierra Leone.

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Question 30

The early missionaries abandoned their work in Benin mainly because of


A) antagonism from the Oba

B) resistance from the people

C) lack of resources

D) ill health and health.

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