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Question 11

The Egba welcomed the British missionaries in the 19th century because


A) they wanted British protection

B) of their desire to accept Christianity

C) of their quest for Western education

D) they wanted to established trade with the British.

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Question 12

One of the early Nigerian leaders who collaborated with British and later resisted was


A) King Jaja of Opobo

B) Nana of Itsekiri

C) sultan Attahiru

D) king Dappa Williams.

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Question 13

The Royal Niger Company was renamed


A) British West African Company

B) United African Company

C) Lever Brothers NigeriaPlc

D) Leventis Nigeria Plc.

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Question 14

The British policy of indirect rule sought to


A) encourage the educated elite to participate in local administration

B) make the indigenous political institutions adapt to British system of Government

C) use indigenous political institutions to serve British interest

D) promote co-operation between the educated elite and the indigenous rulers..

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Question 15

The principal target of the Aba Women demonstrators of 1929 were the


A) Warrant chiefs

B) European traders

C) Christian missionaries

D) Court clerks.

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Question 16

Which of the following were former British colonies?


A) Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia and Liberia

B) Cameroon, Togo, Egypt and Ghana

C) Sierra Leone, Gambia, Nigeria and Ghana

D) Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and South Africa

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Question 17

Transportation network in colonial Nigeria was established to


A) ease local transportation problem of women

B) encourage visits among distant relations

C) support the movement of raw materials and the army

D) provide employment for the people

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Question 18

In colonial Nigeria, export crop production was dominated by


A) the Europeans

B) the Labanese

C) peasant farmers

D) indigenous middlemen

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Question 19

Sabon Gari settlement in most parts of colonial Nigeria harboured mostly


A) people other than the indigenes

B) indigenes who were Muslims

C) strangers who were Muslims only

D) European traders and missionaries

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Question 20

The Richards Constitution of 1946 brought about


A) decolonization

B) independence

C) a strong central government

D) regional politics.

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