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Question 1

Islam was introduced in Northern Nigeria


A) before the 13th century

B) in the 17th century

C) in the 19th century

D) in the 18th century

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Question 2

Lagos became the crown colony in


A) 1900

B) 1914

C) 1861

D) 1886

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Question 3

In the pre-colonial Igbo political system, which of the following was the most democratic organ of government?


A) The Umand

B) Eze

C) Isu

D) Ohanaeze

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Question 4

A historical feature of the legislative council that met in 1923 was that for the first time it


A) included the official members who were Nigerians

B) included only British officials

C) acted in a deliberative capacity

D) included elected African members

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Question 5

When was the emirate system of administration introduced in Northern Nigeria?


A) 19th century

B) 20th century

C) 18th century

D) 17th century

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Question 6

Pre-colonial Igbo society was


A) centralised

B) acephalous

C) feudal

D) capitalist

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Question 7

The Colonial Administration in Nigeria was


A) Authoritarian

B) Democratic

C) A and B

D) None of the above

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Question 8

In the traditional Hausa-Fulani political system, political authority was vested in the


A) Emir

B) Talakawa

C) Alkali

D) Emirate Council

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Question 9

In the Oyo traditional political system, the Alaafin of Oyo was elected or chosen by a group known as


A) Tributary Chiefs

B) Baale

C) Ogboni

D) Oyo Mesi

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Question 10

In the Oyo empire, the Alaafin was


A) an absolute monarch

B) popularly elected

C) a constitutional monarch

D) worshiped as deity

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