History Past Questions

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Question 1

The emergence of states in Hausaland was mainly attributed to


A) trading activities

B) wars of conquest

C) immigration of groups

D) population increase.

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Question 2

In the 18th century, Zaria was under theinfluence of


A) Sokoro

B) Daura

C) Kano

D) Borno.

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Question 3

Islam was introduced in Kano during the reign of


A) Sarkin Kano Ibrahim Dabo

B) Sarkin Kano Kanajeji

C) Sarkin Kano Muhammadu Rumfa

D) Sarkin Kano Yaji.

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Question 4

A major cause of depopulation in Nigeria in the 18th century was


A) the trans-Atlantic slave trade

B) the trans-Saharan trade

C) human sacrifice

D) inter-ethnic warfare.

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Question 5

The Sokoto Jihad was


A) the first Islamic movement in West Africa

B) an attempt to establish Fulani dominance

C) the last of the 19th century Jihads

D) the origin of the other Jihads in West Africa.

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Question 6

The women who wielded political influence in Borno were


A) Magara, Magira and Gumsu

B) Gumsu, Daurama and Magira

C) Turunku, Magara and Gumsu

D) Daurama, Turunku and Kaugama

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Question 7

Which of the following pionnered Christian missionary activities in Calabar?


A) Mary Slessor

B) William Baike

C) Thomas Freeman

D) Hope Waddell.

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Question 8

A factor responsible for the growth of large towns among the Yoruba was the


A) absence of conflict in the area

B) concentration of Europeans in the area

C) fertile nature of the soil in the area

D) high centralization of authority in the area.

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Question 9

The greatest problem faced by the Old Oyo Empire in the early 19th century was the


A) weakening of the central authority

B) incursion of the jihadists

C) British encroachment into Yorubaland

D) dominant influence of Bashorun Gaha.

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Question 10

The main cause of the decline of the Benin Kingdom in the 19th century was the


A) absence of a strong and effective army

B) bitter struggle for the throne by the ruling families

C) strained relations between Benin and Agbor

D) British abolition of the trans- Atlantic slave trade.

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Question 11

The Egba welcomed the British missionaries in the 19th century because


A) they wanted British protection

B) of their desire to accept Christianity

C) of their quest for Western education

D) they wanted to established trade with the British.

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Question 12

One of the early Nigerian leaders who collaborated with British and later resisted was


A) King Jaja of Opobo

B) Nana of Itsekiri

C) sultan Attahiru

D) king Dappa Williams.

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