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The option A4 model was used in the conduct of the

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  • Aina Bola

    Please reframe or refine the question. I think many people are still confusing Open ballot with Option A4. Option A4 was not a vote casting or balloting system, and has NEVER been used to conduct any General Election in Nigeria. Option A4 was one of the approaches arrived at, in the conduct of party primaries for 1993 Presidential election. It is a multilevel strategy for the emergence of party flag bearers, in which aspirants from a party slug it out at the ward level, before proceeding to compete with other wards' winners at the local government level, while winners at this level compete at state level, till the process reached the federal level. Modified Open Ballot System was used for the voting. This Option A4 concept was one of the eight options presented by the National Electoral Commission to the Federal Government of Nigeria.