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Universal Suffrage means


Universal Suffrage means


Adult participation in politics
giving voting right to wemen above the age of 21
property ownership
citizens who understand why they vote
the right of qualified adults to vote

The correct answer is E.


Universal Suffrage means giving the right to vote to all qualified adults. This means that any adult who meets the requirements for voting is entitled to cast their vote during an election. The term "qualified" refers to the eligibility criteria set by the government, which typically includes age, citizenship, and registration to vote.

Option A states that Universal Suffrage means adult participation in politics, which is incorrect since Universal Suffrage is about giving all qualified adults the right to vote, not necessarily participate in politics. Option B is incorrect because it only specifies women's voting rights and not all qualified adults. Option C is incorrect because property ownership is not a requirement for voting. Option D is also incorrect because while it is important for citizens to understand why they vote, it is not a requirement for Universal Suffrage.

In summary, Universal Suffrage means that all qualified adults have the right to vote, regardless of their gender, race, religion, or social status. It is a fundamental principle of democracy that ensures every individual has an equal say in the governance of their country.

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