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Question 5321

The first Head of Government in Nigeria after independence was__________


A) Nnamdi Azikiwe

B) Ahmadu Bello

C) Tafawa Balewa

D) Herbert Macaulay

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Question 5322

One advantage of unwritten constitution is that it___________


A) is easy to understand by everybody

B) safeguards the monarchy

C) contains customary laws and conventions

D) is not easily amended

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Question 5323

Bicameral legislatures are popular in____________


A) Unitary system

B) Federal system

C) Confederal

D) Rigid system

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Question 5324

The major motivation of British colonization of Nigeria was to ______________


A) spread religion

B) satisfy British economic interests

C) westernize Nigerians

D) protect Nigeria from external attack

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Question 5325

Which of the following countries made up the Casablanca Group?


A) Liberia, Mali, Egypt

B) Tunisia, Morocco, Guinea

C) Mali, Algeria, Egypt

D) Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Libya

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Question 5326

The body responsible for exercising the functions of local governments in the 1976 reforms was the________


A) local government commission

B) local government council

C) local government committee

D) committee of chairmen and supervisory councilors

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Question 5327

One feature of the federal system of government is that the centre is____________


A) superior to the other components

B) inferior to the other components

C) equal to the other components

D) of-unlimited jurisdiction

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Question 5328

A political manifesto is a document which outlines__________


A) a country’s development

B) a party’s programme

C) the national policy

D) an ethnic interest

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Question 5329

Public opinion is the view expressed by a_________


A) few members of the society

B) few articulate members in the society

C) majority of the members of a society

D) group of individuals in the society

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Question 5330

In a presidential system of government, ministers are


A) individually responsible to the president

B) individually responsible to the senate

C) collectively responsible to the president

D) collectively responsible to the electorate

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