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Question 5261

Which of the following is NOT a principal organ of the UNO?



B) Security Council

C) Secretariat

D) General Assembly

Question 5262

Which of the following metamorphosed into the United Nations?


A) International Labour Organization

B) League of Nations



Question 5263

The second ballot is based on the principle that a successful candidate must obtain


A) absolute majority

B) simple majority

C) forty percent of the votes

D) fifty percent of the votes

Question 5264

The tenure of the president of the UN Security Council is


A) one month

B) six months

C) two years

D) one year

Question 5265

Political authority is vested in the_________


A) state

B) judiciary

C) government

D) armed forces

Question 5266

Unicameral legislatures are popular in


A) unitary system

B) federal system

B) cofederal

D) rigid system

Question 5267

In the cabinet system of government, individual responsibility of ministers means that ____________


A) only ministers can be held responsible for errors

B) a minister must hold his subordinates responsible for his failures

C) the prime ministers can remove an erring minister

D) no individual can be held responsible for government decisions

Question 5268

An important aspect of an unwritten constitution is that it


A) is easy to understand to everybody

B) safeguards the monarchy

C) contains customary laws and conventions

D) is not easily amended

Question 5269

In 1993, Nigerian troops were on peace-keeping assignment to


A) Liberia and Burundi

B) Rwanda and liberia

C) Chad and Liberia

D) Liberia and Somalia

Question 5270

Power refers to the__________


A) ability to impose one’s will upon others

B) duties an individual imposes on himself

C) legal nature of a constitution

D) duties political parties demand of their registered members

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