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Question 21

An association whose ultimate aim is to influence government policies is known as


A) civil service

B) pressure group

C) political party

D) public corporation

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Question 22

Membership of pressure groups is usually limited because they


A) pursue specific and narrow objectives

B) promote other people's interests

C) do not have dynamic leadership

D) promote the interest of the government

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Question 23

Elections are conducted to


A) provide permanent employment for the people

B) make the people choose their leaders

C) known the number of people in a country

D) know the social amenities in the community

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Question 24

Which of the following is the highest and final court of appeal in Nigeria?


A) Federal court of appeal

B) Judicial Privy Council

C) Magistrate court

D) Sharia court

E) Supreme court

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Question 25

Who among the following colonial governor-generals criticized the activities of National Congress of British West Africa?


A) Arthur Richards

B) Bernard Bourdillon

C) Hugh Clifford

D) John Macpherson

E) Lord Lugard

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Question 26

The process in which every qualified citizen of a state has the right to vote is called .... Suffrage.


A) adult male

B) property

C) religious

D) tax payer

E) universal adult

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Question 27

The major objectives of the colonialists in Nigeria does NOT include


economic reasons
educational expansion
market expansion
missionary activities
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Question 28

Which of the underlisted factors NEVER accounted for the adoption of federalism in Nigeria?


A) Desire for some form of political unity

B) Desire for uniform treatment for all parts

C) Diversity of the nation

D) Emergence of tribal nationalism

E) Influence of shared colonial experience

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Question 29

The introduction of taxation in the Southern part of Nigeria led to


A) Aba women’s riot

B) appointment of warrant chiefs

C) inclusion of educated elites in government

D) the promotion of age grades activities

E) the recognition of traditional rulers

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Question 30

The three BASIC fundamental rights of a citizen are


A) education, property and thought

B) expression, employment and education

C) healthcare, worship and equal hearing

D) life, liberty and property

E) peaceful assembly, movement and family life

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