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Question 11

A constitution that requires complicated procedure for its amendment is


A) rigid

B) flexible

C) written

D) unwritten

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Question 12

The official who enforces discipline among members of his party in parliament is the


A) majority leader

B) minority leader

C) clerk of the House

D) chief whip

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Question 13

When an action of the executive is declared ultra vires, it is a control exercised by the


A) public

B) minister

C) judiciary

D) parliament

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Question 14

One of the features of an absolute monarch is that the ruler


A) is elected by the electorate

B) has a definite tenure of office

C) is elected by the representatives of the people

D) wields the supreme power in a state

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Question 15

A notable feature of cabinet system of government is


A) collective responsibility

B) the separation of powers

C) violation of human rights

D) impeachment of the executive

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Question 16

The privilege citizens enjoyed in a country irrespective of sex, tribe or creed is


A) right

B) constitution

C) manifesto

D) franchise

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Question 17

The judicial order requiring a detained person to be brought before a judge is the writ of


A) Habeas corpus

B) Mandamus

C) Prohibition

D) Certiorari

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Question 18

A political party can contest and win a widely accepted election if it has


A) the ability to rig election

B) intolerant attitude to oppositions

C) a broad-based membership

D) the support of very wealthy politicians

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Question 19

Political parties aim at all the following except


A) contesting elections

B) forming a government

C) organizing general elections

D) educating the electorate politically

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Question 20

Which of the following is not a means through which political parties reach the populace?


A) Posters

B) newspapers

C) schools

D) the internet

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