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Question 1

The following are the key factors which influence Nigerian foreign relations except


A) peaceful coexistence

B) economic dependence

C) non-interference

D) international cooperation

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Question 2

The first African military coup in Egypt occurred in


A) 1951

B) 1952

C) 1953

D) 1954

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Question 3

Which of the following is not an accepted way of resolving international conflict?


A) diplomacy

B) propaganda

C) military force

D) nuclear war

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Question 4

Citizens who are legally qualified to vote form


A) political parties

B) trade union congress

C) members of the House of Assembly

D) the electorate

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Question 5

The commonwealth is _______.


A) an economic organization

B) made up of all independence ex-colonies of Britain

C) made up of all countries who are friendly with Britain

D) made up of independent European countries

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Question 6

The first elected Executive President of Nigeria was


A) Shehu Shagari

B) Umaru Yaradua

C) Nnamdi Azikwe

D) Olusegun Obasanjo

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Question 7

Nigeria became a federation of 19 states in


A) 1996

B) 1861

C) 1976

D) 1979

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Question 8

Under the 1979 constitution, members of the Federal Executive Council were called


A) ministers

B) commissioners

C) senators

D) judges

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Question 9

All of the following were frontline fighters for Nigeria's independence except


A) Olu Fale

B) Nnamdi Azikwe

C) Obafemi Awolowo

D) Tafawa Balewa

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Question 10

In a unitary system of government


A) parliament is very weak

B) there is high degree of centralization

C) political power is diffused

D) there is low degree of centralization

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