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Question 1

The ultimate authority in a state is


A) power

B) sovereignty

C) influence

D) legitimacy

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Question 2

How does the president relieve a minster of his appointment in a presidential system of government?


A) In consultation with the legislature

B) In consultation with the judiciary

C) By unilateral action

D) After serving a full tenure

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Question 3

In Nigeria, promotion of judges is the responsibility of the


A) Chief Justice of the Federation

B) Council of Legal Education

C) Judicial Service Commission

D) Attorney-General and Minster of Justice

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Question 4

The legislature in Nigeria under the 1999 Constitution is composed of


A) 109 senators and 360 members of the House of Representatives

B) 109 senators and 350 members of the House Representatives

C) 108 senators and 350 members of the House of Representatives

D) 100 senators and 250 members of the House of Representatives

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Question 5

The European Union (EU) is an


A) Economic Organization

B) Association of former British Colonies

C) Organization of European States

D) Union of European Organizations

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Question 6

Which of the following does not describe a party system?


A) one dominant party system

B) two party system

C) three party system

D) multi-party system

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Question 7

Under a parliamentary system of government, the cabinet holds office at the pleasure of the


A) head of state

B) electorate

C) legislature

D) opposition

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Question 8

One of the foremost theorists of federalism was


A) A.V. Dicey

B) K.C Wheare

C) Karl Marx

D) Baron de Montesquieu

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Question 9

Nigeria's voting at the United Nations is guided primarily by


A) her national interest

B) world peace

C) the cold war

D) her concern for Africa

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Question 10

Gerrymandering refers to the


A) Conduct of elections into local government offices

B) Registration of political parties

C) conduct of gubernatorial elections

D) delineation of electoral constituencies

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