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Which of the following environmental resources is non-renewable?

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Which of the following environmental resources is non-renewable?



The correct answer is B.


Minerals are the non-renewable environmental resource among the options given. Non-renewable resources are resources that cannot be replenished or replaced once they are used up. Minerals are naturally occurring substances found in the Earth's crust and are used in various industries for manufacturing and construction purposes. Examples of minerals include gold, silver, iron, copper, and diamond. Unlike rain, water, and oxygen, which are renewable resources that can be naturally replenished over time, minerals are formed over millions of years through geological processes and are not easily replenished. Once minerals are extracted and used, they cannot be easily replaced, making them non-renewable resources. To learn more about this, please read the relevant sections of the recommended textbooks.

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Discussion (3)

  • Ehis Emmanuel

    Is the outer layer of d earth crust

  • Student

    Minerals. This is because, after minerals have been processed, it can not be replenished to its original form

  • Sunday Herbert

    This is because minerals need many processes to be carried out before it can be ready for use.therefore it is not readily available compared to non minerals..