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The core of the earth is also called ______?

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The core of the earth is also called ______?



The correct answer is D.


The question is asking what the core of the Earth is also called. The options are:

- Option A: Mesosphere

- Option B: Lithosphere

- Option C: Hydrosphere

- Option D: Barysphere (Correct)

The core of the Earth is the innermost part of our planet. It is made up of two layers: the inner core and the outer core. The inner core is solid and is mainly composed of iron and nickel. It is very hot, with temperatures reaching up to 5,500 degrees Celsius. The outer core, on the other hand, is liquid and also made up of iron and nickel.

The correct answer to the question is Option D: Barysphere. The term "barysphere" refers to the core of the Earth. It is derived from the Greek word "barys," meaning heavy, which accurately describes the dense, heavy materials found in the core.

The other options are not correct. The mesosphere is a layer of the Earth's atmosphere above the stratosphere. The lithosphere refers to the rigid outer part of the Earth, including the crust and upper mantle. The hydrosphere is the sum of all water on Earth, including oceans, lakes, rivers, and groundwater.

So, in summary, the core of the Earth is also called the barysphere.

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  • Kolawole Simbiat

    The barysphere is the innermost (core) of the earth's crust. The hydrosphere is the portion of the earth covered by water,. It occupies 70% of the earth's crust.