Geography Past Questions | JAMB, WAEC, NECO and Post UTME Past Questions

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Question 3511

The settlements pattern is BEST described as


A) Nucleated

B) Dispersed

C) Linear

D) Nodal

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Question 3512

The most important consideration in the siting of settlements in this area was probably


A) Access to water transport

B) Protection aganist external attack

C) Nearness to the main road

D) Availability of rich agricultural land

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Question 3513

The hill slope along the line X-Y can be described as


A) Convex

B) Concave

C) Rectilinear

D) Steeped

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Question 3514

The gradient of the slope X-Y is approximately


A) 1:24

B) 1:26

C) 1:28

D) 1:30

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Question 3515

The central landform in the area shown on the map can be described generally as a


A) Dissected broadsurfaced escarpment

B) Dissected massed inselberg lanscape

C) Broken block-fault mountain

D) Steep-sided tilted plateau

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Question 3516

The bearing of Jata from Adaba is approximately


A) 17o

B) 21o

C) 25o

D) 29o

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Question 3517

Intervisibility is possible between the points marked X and Y because the intervening slope is


A) Rectilinear

B) Concave

C) Convex

D) Convexo - Concave

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Question 3518

The landform feature at the centre of the map can best be described as


A) A deltanic plain

B) An outwash plain

C) A flood plain

D) An erosional plain

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Question 3519

Given that the area shown on the map is in northern Nigeria, which of the following crop combinations would best be cultivated in the area that is liable to flooding?


A) Sugarcane, rice and cassava

B) Cassava, rice and yam

C) Sugarcane, rice and bananas

D) Bananas, rice and cassava

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Question 3520

Ruwawa is located in


A) A tropical area in the Southern Hemisphere

B) An Equatorial area in the Southern Hemisphere

C) An Equatorial area in the Northern Hemisphere

D) A subtropical area in the Northern Hemisphere

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