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Question 3511

Name the feature crossed by the footpath between points Y and Z


A) Spur

B) Wind gap

C) Gorge

D) Dry valley

E) Ridge

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Question 3512

What is the average gradient of the slope marked G-H?


A) 1:32

B) 1:34

C) 1:36

D) 1:38

E) 1:40

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Question 3513

Assuming that there is no vegetation cover in the area shown on the map above and that the weather is clear, which of the following statements would be false?


A) Q is visible from P

B) P is visible from N

C) M is visible from N

D) P is visible from M

E) Q is visible from N

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Question 3514

Which of the following statements does NOT describe a physical division of the map correctly?


A) An area mostly sunbmerged at high tide

B) An undulating land rising towards the south

C) A narrow steep-sided ridge

D) A narrow valley draining eastwards and southwards

E) A dissected plateau terminating seaward in cliff

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Question 3515

Evidence that the southern half of the area is of greater value to man than the northern half does NOT include


A) More communication facilities

B) Greater intensity of land use for agriculture

C) Exploitation of minerals

D) Higher population distribution

E) More coastal activities like fishing

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Question 3516

The ground distance along the river from the confluence of Rivers Obe and Opi to the bridge across River Obe is 5.5kilometres. What is the scale of the map in Representative Fraction?


A) 1:10,000

B) 1:50,000

C) 1:100,000

D) 1:500,000

E) 1:1,000,000

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