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Question 21

The major trading partners of the Anglophone West African countries are


A) Britain, USA, Germany and Japan

B) Germany, China, South Africa and Norway

C) Belgium, India, Columbia and Chile

D) Chile, Pakistan, Japan and Britain

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Question 22

Which of the following is true of inter community relationship?


A) Females migrates to rural areas to give birth

B) Youth migrate to urban areas in search of jobs

C) Immigrants settle in the city's central Business District

D) City dwellers seek schools for their children in rural areas

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Question 23

If a country has a population of 20,000,000 and its size is 1,000,000 km² then its population density is


A) 5 persons/km²

B) 15 persons/km²

C) 20 persons/km²

D) 30 persons/km²

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Question 24

Which of the following criteria is not important in distinguishing between a village and a town?


A) Geographical situation

B) Population size

C) Range of functions

D) Variety activities

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Question 25

One of the problems limiting the achievement of the objectives of the Economic Community of West African states is


A) Use of common currency

B) Strong colonial ties

C) Climatic differences

D) Similarity in languages

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Question 26

One on the usefulness of import tariff on Imported goods is the _______?


A) Encouragement of importation from abroad

B) Multiplication of foreign goods in local markets

C) Protection of infant industries

D) Saving of money in foreign accounts

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Question 27

Cattle ranching is not common in the forest region of West Africa because of the _______?


A) Scarcity of grass for fodder

B) Presence of tsetse flies

C) Absence of Fulani herdsmen

D) Presence of wild life

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Question 28

The location of market gardening near large cities is best explained by


A) Availability of power

B) Fertile soil

C) Perishability of products

D) Efficient transportation

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Question 29

JAMB GeographyThe likely occupation of the people in the area is


A) farming

B) market gardening

C) mineral mining

D) lumbering

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Question 30

Which of the following is not typical submarine relief feature?


A) Roche moutonnee

B) Continental shelf

C) Deep sea plain

D) Continental slope

E) Ocean deep

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