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Question 11

In which regions can stalactites, swallow holes and caverns be found?


A) Plateau regions

B) Coastal regions

C) Mountainous regions

D) Limestone regions

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Question 12

The remains of eroded highland in desert and semi-desert environments are commonly called


A) Seif dunes

B) Barchains

C) Inselbergs

D) Volcanic plug

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Question 13

The time in town X on longitude 15°E is 4.00 pm. What will be the time in town Y on longitude 15°W?


A) 2.00 am

B) 2.00 pm

C) 6.00 pm

D) 6.00 am

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Question 14

Which of the following is an advantage of solar energy over other sources of energy?


A) It is easily renewable

B) It requires physical gradient difference

C) The demand for it comes from specialized agencies

D) Its waste is different

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Question 15

One relative advantage of water transport over road transport is its


A) A great speed over long distances

B) Capacity for carrying bulky goods

C) Ability to link all parts of a country

D) Ability to withstand bad weather

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Question 16

The number of people living in a unit area of land is termed its


A) Birth rate

B) Death rate

C) Dependency ratio

D) Population density

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Question 17

An effect of rural-urban migration on the source region is


A) Rural depopulation

B) Urban depopulation

C) Rural employment

D) Rural unemployment

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Question 18

Which of the following best explains the high rate of population growth in West Africa?


A) Birth control polices

B) High birth rate and low death rate

C) Low birth rate and high death rate

D) High rate of immigration

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Question 19

Which of the following features distinguishes heavy industries from light industries?


A) Complexities of processing techniques

B) Amount of waste products generated

C) Ownership structure of the firm

D) Source of raw materials

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Question 20

The cheapest mode of transport for the conveyance of bulky goods across countries is


A) Air

B) Land

C) Pipeline

D) Water

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