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Geography Past Questions | JAMB, WAEC, NECO and Post UTME Past Questions

Geography is a subject that studies the lands, the features, the inhabitants, and the phenomena of Earth. Many Nigerian secondary school science and social science students offer this subject.

Study the following Geography past questions and answers for JAMB, WAEC, NECO and Post UTME. Prepare yourself with official past questions and answers for your upcoming examinations.

JAMB Syllabus for Geography

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Question 1

Deposition of fine grained sand carried over long distance by wind is known as


A) Chernozem

B) Laterite

C) Loess

D) Podzols

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Question 2

The core of the earth is also called ______?


A) Mesosphere

B) Lithosphere

C) Hydrosphere

D) Barysphere

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Question 3

Which of the following environmental resources is non-renewable?


A) Rain

B) Minerals

C) Water

D) Oxygen

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Question 4

Relief rainfall is common around the


A) Lowland areas

B) Peneplains

C) Highland areas

D) Sahara desert

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Question 5

Which of the following features is of volcanic origin?


A) Sill

B) Zeugen

C) Loess

D) Gorge

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Question 6

The instrument used for measuring atmospheric pressure is


A) Hygrometer

B) Barometer

C) Thermometer

D) Anemometer

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Question 7

The gradual breakdown of rocks in situ by either physical or chemical process is called


A) Erosion

B) Denudation

C) Weathering

D) Deposition

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Question 8

The Fourth planet from the sun in the solar system is


A) Mercury

B) Uranus

C) Neptune

D) Mars

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Question 9

Which rock type involves stratification?


A) Metamorphic

B) Sedimentary

C) Volcanic

D) Igneous

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Question 10

Which type of rainfall occurs when two air masses of different temperatures and other physical properties meet?


A) Orographic rainfall

B) Relief rainfall

C) Cyclonic rainfall

D) Convectional rainfall

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