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Perspiration is to animals while ______ is to plants


Perspiration is to animals while ______ is to plants



The correct answer is A.


Perspiration is the process of sweating in animals, which helps to regulate their body temperature. It is a way for animals to cool down when they are too hot.

In plants, a similar process occurs called transpiration. Transpiration is the loss of water vapor from the leaves and stems of plants. It is an important process for plants as it helps to transport water and nutrients from the roots to the rest of the plant.

So, the correct answer to the question is Option A: Transpiration. Transpiration is to plants what perspiration is to animals. It is the process by which plants lose water vapor through their leaves and stems.

Excretion, on the other hand, is the process of removing waste materials from the body. Transportation refers to the movement of substances within an organism, such as the transport of nutrients in animals or the transport of water and minerals in plants. Evaporation is the process of liquid turning into vapor, such as when water evaporates into the air.

Therefore, the correct option that completes the analogy is Option A: Transpiration.

Remember, perspiration is to animals as transpiration is to plants.

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