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Question 31

The relationship between staffs of the civil service in the discharge of their duties is expected to be:


A) Personal and unofficial

B) Official and non-personal

C) Casual and inconsistent

D) Illogical and sporadic

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Question 32

The first local government system adopted in Nigeria by the regional government was:


A) The French prefectorial system

B) The Indian local government system

C) The Russian Socialist system

D) The British Council system

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Question 33

The idea of making the local government the third tier of government was initiated by:


A) Abdusalam Abubakar regime

B) Alhaji Shehu Shagari regime

C) Murtala/ Obasanjo regime

D) Ibrahim Babangida regime

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Question 34

Before the 1976 local government reforms, one of the defective features of the local governments in Nigeria was that:


A) They had no functions to perform

B) They had no legal personality

C) They had no chairmen to pilot their affairs

D) They had no political aspiration

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Question 35

One of the major problems which spelt doom for Nigeria Airways was:


A) Embezzlement of fund

B) Corruption

C) Lack of patriotism

D) All of the above

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Question 36

The main cause of infrastructure decay in Nigeria is:


A) Illiteracy

B) Disobedience

C) Lack of maintenance culture

D) Political instability

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Question 37

One of the measures that will enhance the status of the local government as a third tier of government is:


A) The creation of more local government areas

B) Up-grading the local government to statehood

C) Drafting of separate constitution for local government

D) Deduction of local government share of federal allocation directly from source

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Question 38

To enhance the independence of the federal public service commission, members should:


A) Be elected from a national party

B) Take oath of celibacy

C) Neither belong to the legislative nor executive branch of government

D) Be appointed by the non-aligned movement

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Question 39

To be promoted from one grade level to another, a staff must first:


A) Apply to the Nigeria export promotion council

B) Petition the civil service commission

C) Be in the president or governor’s list

D) Be recommended to the public service commission by his or her departmental

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Question 40

To be entitled to pension in Nigeria, a staff must:


A) Work for 55 years

B) Work for at least 10 years consecutive years

C) Work for 65 years

D) Attain the age of seventy

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