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Question 21

Which of the following is not a source of local government revenue?


A) State and federal government grants

B) Licensing of cars and lorries

C) Market stall fees

D) Returns on investment

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Question 22

One of the major reasons for setting up public corporations is to:


A) Maximize profit

B) Compete with private companies

C) Provide essential services

D) Encourage patronage

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Question 23

All of the following are functions of the civil service except:


A) Making laws

B) Implementing policies

C) Preparing financial estimates

D) Implementing edicts

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Question 24

One factor which militates against the effective functioning of the Civil Service is:


A) Delegated legislation

B) Political interference

C) Judicial inference

D) Political stability

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Question 25

Being the third tier of government, the local government is therefore:


A) Subordinate to state and federal government

B) Antagonistic to state and federal government

C) Co-ordinate to state and federal government

D) All of the above

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Question 26

One major problem facing public corporations in Nigeria is:


A) Political parties

B) Excessive patriotism

C) Government interference

D) Judicial manipulation

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Question 27

Most of the reasons given for the establishment of public corporations in Nigeria are being contradicted by the current wave of:


A) Privatization and commercialization

B) Legalization and nationalization

C) Judicial and legislative competence

D) Rigging and electoral brouhaha

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Question 28

The recruitment, promotion and discipline of civil servants in Nigeria is the responsibility of:


A) Board of Directors

B) Civil Service Commission

C) The president

D) Ministry of Labour and Productivity

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Question 29

Engineers and architects in the Civil Service fall into the:


A) Professional class

B) Technical class

C) Higher technical class

D) The manipulative class

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Question 30

The main functions of the administrative class of the Civil Service include:


A) Policy making

B) Implementation of government policies

C) Enactment of laws for the ministries

D) All of the above

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