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Question 11

The effective operation of the Civil Service in Nigeria is mostly hampered by:


A) Inadequate training of personnel

B) Corruption and inefficiency

C) Debt burden and redundancy

D) Poor infrastructure

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Question 12

The Bureau of Public Enterprises is charged with the responsibility for:


A) Privatization and commercialization

B) Generating revenue

C) Eradicating poverty

D) Providing employment opportunities

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Question 13

Financial allocation to a local government by the Federal or a State government to supplement the cost of a project is called:


A) Revenue allocation

B) Reimbursement

C) Statutory allocation

D) Matching grant

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Question 14

A permanent Civil Service:


A) Makes continuity in government possible

B) Makes civil servants arrogant

C) Promotes ethnic domination

D) Is undemocratic

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Question 15

One form of control exercised over public corporations is the requirement that their annual reports be laid before:


A) Parliament for scrutiny

B) All the political parties

C) All the local authorities in the country

D) A joint committee of the executive and parliament

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Question 16

Anonymity of the Civil Service means that the Civil Servant must:


A) Serve any government impartially

B) Be politically neutral

C) Have job security

D) Not receive the credit or blame for any good or bad policy

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Question 17

The local government reforms of 1976 in Nigeria were designed to:


A) Decentralize authority

B) Enlist grass-root support

C) Achieve even development

D) All of the above

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Question 18

Bye-laws made by local authorities can be declared unconstitutional only by the:


A) Local government service commission

B) Ministry of local government and chieftaincy affairs

C) Courts

D) Attorney-General

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Question 19

Mass retrenchment of workers in the public and private sectors is most likely to result in:


A) Political stability

B) Economic survival

C) High rate of armed robbery, pilfering and political instability

D) Electoral malpractices

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Question 20

Public Corporations are established to:


A) Look after the affairs of local authorities

B) Co-ordinate the activities of ministries

C) Give advice to the government on commerce

D) Provide essential services and amenities on commercial bases

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