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Question 1681

Which of the following is not a tree crop?


A) Yam

B) Cashew

C) Cocoa

D) offee

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Question 1682

Which of these animals does not have horns?


A) Goat

B) Cattle

C) Buffalo

D) Horse

E) Ram

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Question 1683

A tripod has how many supports?


A) 2

B) 4

C) 3

D) 5

E) 6

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Question 1684

Tyres are made from


A) Pulp

B) Steel

C) Cotton

D) Rubber

E) Sizal

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Question 1685

How long will a man take to cover a distance of seven kilometers by trekking four kilometers per hour?


A) One hour thirty five minute

B) one hour forty five minute

C) Less than one hour

D) more than two hours

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Question 1686

A plane takes off from Ilorin at 10.30am. It flies through Lagos to Accra in sixty five minutes. The plane makes a stop of 40 minutes at Accra airport and then proceeds back to Ilorin in seventy minutes. At what time does the plane land again back at Ilorin airport?


A) 1.25pm

B) 12.55pm

C) 1.35pm

D) 12.05pm

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Question 1687

One of the following is not a musical instrument


A) Guitar

B) Flute

C) Microphone

D) Trumpet

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Question 1688

One of the following gases is used to produce energy in a living organisms.


A) Carbon dioxide

B) Nitrogen

C) Oxygen

D) Chlorine

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Question 1689

_______ is used for the measurement of atmospheric pressure.


A) Thermometer

B) Barometer

C) Hydrometer

D) Sphygmanometer

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Question 1690

One of the following is used in measuring wind speed.


A) Wind speed

B) Barometer

C) Thermometer

D) Anemometer

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