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Comprehension PassageAll too often, there is deference between what we say and w...


Comprehension Passage

All too often, there is deference between what we say and what we think we have said, and between how we feel we have handled people and how they think they have been treated. When such 'gaps' occur between the intent and the action, it is often stated that there has been 'a break- down in communication'. Sometimes the break - down is allowed to become so serious that the gap becomes a chasm, relatives in family ceasing to speak to one another, managements and trade unions refusing to meet, government recalling ambassadors when relations between states reach a low ebb.

In fact, sometimes when people communicate, either as individual or within groups, problems inevitably occur; instruction maybe impossible to carry out, offence is taken at a particular remark, a directive is ambiguously phrased or people's attitudes are colored by jealousy, resentment or frustration.

During the past fifty years, industrial, commercial and public service organization have grown prodigiously to meet the needs of advanced technological societies. Sometimes as many as 10,000 people work on one site, or one company employs more than 50,000 people. Clearly, good communications are essential to the efficient operation of any organization, and vital to the fulfillment of al those who commit their working lives to it.

For this reason, management specialist and behavioral scientist have devoted much thought and energy over recent years to analyzing the problems caused by bad communication practices, and creating good communication climate and systems.

As a result of the current structure of societies and economies, most of us spend our working lives in an organization that we become good communicators with social skills.

Which of the following titles best sums up the passage?


A) The need for effective communication

B) Break down in communication

C) communication in technological societies

D) Bad communication practices

The correct answer is A.

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