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COMPREHENSION:Read the passage below carefully and answer the question that foll...



Read the passage below carefully and answer the question that follows.

To listen properly is hard job, and probably one of the toughest skills in the art of communication. Good listening has nothing to do with proper functions of one’s auditory organs, which is assumed to be inevitable. Good listening, in the sense we are interested in, is not a biological factor, but a psychological one.

Your auditory organ may be in perfect order, when actually you cannot use them creatively. Creative listening implies you are efficient in the art if concentration, in other words, you concentrate on what one is saying, So as to make sure that you hear all that is said. At the same time as you are concentrating to hear all what is being said, you are also thinking fast, digesting what is being said, allowing your mental faculties and your memory, to accept that which you do not understand and storing them somewhere in your brain for future discussion, and all at the same time, rationalizing what you hear accepting that which you find rational and rejecting that which you do not find rational.

After you must have listened creatively to what you have been told, then you respond if the need arises. It is quite proper that you respond, because the process of response enhances the art of communication. But your response ought to be only a necessary response; a response that will improve your understanding. This response should involve your mentioning some of those things you have been told but which you do not understand, or politely questioning the rationality of some of the speaker’s argument. But your response must be constructive – must enhance communicative worth. It should not be an unnecessary argument, or an opportunity for you to express dissatisfaction or disaffection. The ability to listen properly aids communication and understanding.

The passage says that:


There are many skills of communication of which listening is one
The art of listening is the toughest of all communication skills
Good listening depends on perfect functioning of the auditory organs
Good listening needs form a training

The correct answer is A.

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