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In the following passage the numbered gaps indicate missing words. Against each ...


In the following passage the numbered gaps indicate missing words. Against each number in the below each passage, four options are offered in columns lettered A to D. choose the word that is the most suitable to fill the numbered gap in the passage.

Oil is perhaps the most sought – after of all -77- How ever, a major difficulty in its -78- is that oil -79- are very often below the sea -80-. As a result, the search for oil is very expensive, and unless oil is found there in -81- quantities the companies or governments involved are liable to lose heavily. Therefore before -82- starts, extensive surveys are carried out to see how much oil, or -83- gas the rock formation is likely to yield. If the results are favourable an oil rig is towed into position. The rig consists of a main -84- on which the men work and a derrick which supports the drill. This drill goes down thousands of feet until oil or a -85- of gas is reached. The next stage is to transport the gas or oil to the shore. In the case of gas this is normally done by laying a -86- below the sea, but oil on reaching the top of the well is more often transported in its -87- state by -88-. On shore it is -89- into different fuels or it is treated chemically to turn it into a variety of -90- materials such as polythene.

Publishing is a fast growing business and there are therefore many publishing houses all over the country. When -91- is submitted by an author, the publisher sends it to -92- to know if it is actually publishable. This step is important because the publisher wants to make sure that the book catches the -93- when it is actually published. In a good publishing house, there is -94- section which is concerned with -95- the manuscript and correcting both the spelling and typing errors. After this, the manuscript is -96- in readiness for -97-. The printed -98- are then stored in the warehouse and a few of them may be sent to the author as -99- copies. Since it is not just the aim of the publisher to offset the cost of production but also to make some profit, there is a strong marketing division which promotes sales. A certain percentage of the cover price of the book is paid to the author as 100-

In the gap numbered 95 above, choose the best option from letters A - D that best completes the gap.


A) proof-reading

B) reading over

C) scanning

D) skimming

The correct answer is A.

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