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In the following passage the numbered gaps indicate missing words. Against each ...


In the following passage the numbered gaps indicate missing words. Against each number in the below each passage, four options are offered in columns lettered A to D. choose the word that is the most suitable to fill the numbered gap in the passage.

Fred loves the weekends because they afford him the opportunity of visit the popular -74- where his friend, the -75- always allows him to go through the newspapers at no cost to him. There are usually many daily and weekly -76- of newspapers, magazines and journals on sale. Fred’s habit is to quickly note from the -77- the papers that had arrived. Next, he glances at the -78- of the leading stories and then the -79- that are printed underneath the pictures on the front and back pages. Thereafter, he decides on which one to read. He has his favourite -80- and he especially loves to read the -81- which are usually written by editors. He also enjoys the -82- sent in by the -83- journalists because he believes that they write objectively. The -84- sadden him because they remind him that life is transient. However, whatever gloominess these bring about is quickly wiped away by the excitement from the -85- pages. These pages keep him informed of his favourite clubs, players and match fixtures.

Last week Mrs Coker took her sick daughter to the hospital. After examining her, the doctor said that the child didn’t have much -86- to the parasites, which the laboratory -87- discovered in her blood -88-. He advised her to give the child the prescribed drugs and to keep out the files that-89- the disease. He told Mrs Coker that the disease was in its early -90- and that the obvious symptom was the -91- of the eye membranes. This was caused by the trachoma virus which could not be seen under a -92- because it is smaller than bacterial -93-. He made her realise that trachoma could cause blindness. Therefore, Mrs Coker should protect her family from this -94- disease she should maintain a high standard of -95- by -96- her towels and face cloths. The doctor then wrote out a -97- of antibiotic drugs and tablets, which should be obtained from a -98-. He assured Mrs Coker that the treatment he had prescribed would -99- the child to good -100- in two or three days.

In the gap numbered 88 above, choose the best option from letters A - D that best completes the gap.


A) sample

B) type

C) group

D) portion

The correct answer is A.

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