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Read the passage below carefully and answer the questions that follow. The 200...


Read the passage below carefully and answer the questions that follow.

  The 2002 World Cup Competition, also called Korea/Japan 2002, kicked off with a match between the defending champions, France, and the Senegalese nation team from African. Nobody had given the Senegalese any chance against the star-studded defending champions but the 1-0 score line in favour of Senegal showed that African football can no longer be taken for granted. .

  This shocking defeat of France had raised Africa’s hopes of going beyond the first round of the tournament. So when the Super Eagles of Nigeria filed out against Argentina on the morning of Sunday, June the second, 2002, many Nigeria football enthusiasts delayed attending church service to watch the match live on television. As expected, the Super Eagles put up strong resistance to the Argentinian challenge and the day would not have ended on a sombre note for Nigerians if the momentum had been sustained throughout the match. .

  The hope of going beyond the first round, though precarious, was very much alive as the Eagles were expected to defeat their next opponents, Sweden and Eagles. But some shortcomings in the Nigerian national team needed to be rectified to brighten their chances against their next opponents. .

  First, the defence needed to be strengthened to prevent the opponents from incessantly terrorizing the goalkeeper. Then the strikers also needed to improve on their lacklustre performance against Argentina, since every Nigerian expected them to overwhelm their next opponents in the opening rounds. Lastly, rather that gamble with unfit players, a more creative use of the reserves would be necessary to smooth the way to the next round. .

  If World Cup debutants, Senegal, could nurse the hope of playing in the knock-out stages of the tournament, then the Eagles should soar instead of being intimidated by big names, for no team is invincible.

Which of the following captures the writer's suggestion on how the Eagles could improve?


A) Good coaching, more strikers and more defenders

B) Better goalkeeping, a better attack and a stronger midfield

C) Fair officiating, good goalkeeping and fast players

D) Replacement of injured players, stronger attackers and a rugged defence

The correct answer is D.

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