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Read each passage carefully and answer the questions that follow itOlumba remove...


Read each passage carefully and answer the questions that follow it

Olumba removed a small black amulet from his neck and substituted a bigger one. The former was for general protection at home, the latter for protection and luck whilst travelling. Ready at last he picked up his matchet and headed for the chief’s with Ikechi behind him.

Olumba worked ahead looking up as usual. Just what he was searching for in the sky Ikechi couldn’t tell. Perhaps his shortness accounted for his habit since, he often had to look up in the faces of his taller companions. What he lacked in height he made up in solid muscles and he looked strong. His wrestling pseudonym was Agadaga, a name which meant nothing but which somehow conveyed an impression of strength.

Eze Diali, the chief, sat at one end f his reception hall ringed by the village elders who he had called to a meeting. The rest of the hall was filled with much younger men.

‘People of Chiolu, the chief began’, I have learnt that poachers from Aliakoro will be at the Great Pond tonight. There is no doubt that they will try to steal from the Pond of Wagaba which as you know is rich in fish. Our plan tonight is to bring one or more of these thieves home alive and ask for very large ransoms. This line of action will have two effects. Firstly, it will prove our charges of poaching against the people of Aliakoro, and secondly, the payment of very large ransom will be a deterrent. We need seven men for this venture. I call for volunteers’

Who will head this party?’ the chief asked, looking round. Chituru, one of the elders, said’ ‘Eze Diali, let us not waste time. Olumba is the man for the job. We all know that he had led many exploits like this one’. We still need six men’, Eze Diali said. Eager youths came surging forward. Their well-formed muscle rippled as they elbowed one another. It was difficult to choose.

‘I suggest Olumba should choose his men He knows the boys very well and his judgment should be reliable’. It was Wezume, another village elder, who spoke.

Olumba wore amulet because he


A) he was superstitious

B) was a srong and fearless fighter

C) wanted to please his wife

D) wanted to instill fear in Eze Diali, the chief

E) believe in thier power of protection

The correct answer is E.

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