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The passage below has gaps numbered 16 to 25. Immediately following each gap, fo...


The passage below has gaps numbered 16 to 25. Immediately following each gap, four options are provided. Choose the most appropriate option for each gap. Each question carries 2 marks.

Believe it or not, change is to human existence what the blood is to the human body. We live in era of amazing …. 16…. [A. well-defined B. fast-paced C. favourable D. social] change spawned by advancing technology and industrialization. However, man’s …17…. [A. knowledge of B. attitude to C. commitment to D. opinion of] promoting and defending change in a deliberate effort to establish…18… [A. customs B. companies C. trade-zones D. variations] that stimulate advancement for man’s concern is proving unfavourable to the climate with threatening ...19… [A. repercussions B. clouds C. pressure D. implication].

Human-induced climate change has awakened widespread concern across the globe. As a matter of fact, climate change is now 20 [A. an acceptable B. a foremost C. the only D. the last] global issue. It is a major test of Africa’s ….21…. [A. popularity B. energy C. ingenuity D. incapability] ! the fourth Assessment Report {AR4} of the intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) confirmed that human actions are changing the earth’s climate and creating maker disturbances in human ….22…[A. geography B. societies C. systems D life] and ecosystems. The IPCC reports that the world has warned by an average of 0.76oC since pre-industrial times. The rising global …23…. [A. command B. demand C. warming D. supply] for energy and the adverse changes in the climate put the earth and its inhabitants in a catch -22 situation.

Again, if the effects of climate change on each were commensurate with the level of greenhouse …24 …. [A. structure B. paints C. emulsion D. emissions] in spews out, perhaps Africa would have been spared and would probably be just an amused spectator. But it is, this is not the case. Here again, we see well-meaning global citizens appealing for the rest of the world to take responsibility for the problems of Africa, a strategy that cannot, thus far, termed ….25…. [A. notable B. liable C. credible D. flexible]

In question number 17 above, choose the best option from letters A - D that best completes the gap.


knowledge of
attitude to
commitment to
opinion of

The correct answer is C.


In this question, you are asked to find the best word to complete gap number 17 in the passage. The passage talks about how change is essential to human existence and how it has led to advancements in technology and industrialization. However, the passage also mentions that man's approach to promoting and defending change is causing negative effects on the climate.

The options provided for gap 17 are: A. knowledge of, B. attitude to, C. commitment to, and D. opinion of. The correct answer is Option C: commitment to. This is because the passage is discussing how man's dedication to promoting and defending change has resulted in negative consequences for the environment.

The other options do not fit as well in this context. "Knowledge of" refers to man's understanding of change, "attitude to" refers to man's feelings or emotions towards change, and "opinion of" refers to man's beliefs or judgments about change. These options do not capture the idea that man's active involvement in promoting change is causing harm to the environment.

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