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The passage below has gaps numbered 16 to 25. Immediately following each gap, f...


The passage below has gaps numbered 16 to 25. Immediately following each gap, four options are provided. Choose the most appropriate option for each gap. Each question carries 2 marks.

Business executives selling industrial and high price-tag customer goods have come to the……16…..[A. realization B. conclusion C. level D. point] that there should be a better approach to buyer-seller……17……[A. relationship B. existence C. agreement D. friendship]. In Nigeria, a new brand of salesmanship is emerging. Today, such……18….[A. concepts B. words C. clauses D. definitions] as consultative selling, relationship marketing and value-added selling have become common catchphrases with professional salespeople. Salespeople are now….19….[A. emerging B. reversing C. dangling D. shifting] from pushy, hard selling to consultations, playing business advisory and problem-solving roles for their customers. Customers ….20….[A. interest B. awareness C. view D. service] has assumed a higher dimension. Salespeople and their companies are beginning to realize that the only want to stay in business and possibly be ahead of….21….[A. distribution B. competition C. consumption D. production] is to give adequate attention to the needs of customers. Salespeople and business executive beginning to understand that customer….22….[A. respect B. dignity C. loyalty D. obedience] is what ensures a robust bottom line. The only way to do this is to give special attention to the needs of customers. First time purchase is the beginning of a relationship. We now have a very…..23…..[A. tangible B. rowdy C. sensitive D. desirable] marketplace in which people feel a need for personal intimacy and excellent service. In fact, some customers want to be pampered. They want customized service. They want a salesperson who comes to them with a…..24….[A. prior B. full C. biased D. simple] knowledge of their needs and has ready-made solution to their problems. The ability to….25….[A. analyse B. present C. organize D. discuss] the needs of the customer and provide adequate information that helps the customer to make informed purchase decision are attributes that the modern customer respects and appreciates a good professional salespeople.

In question number 16 above, choose the best option from letters A-D that best completes the gap.


A) realization

B) conclusion

C) level

D) point

The correct answer is B.

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