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In recent times women in Nigeria have been seeking independence and recognition....

English LanguageJAMB UTME 2006


In recent times women in Nigeria have been seeking independence and recognition. No longer content with their traditional role as housewives and mothers, the women have joined together to create a kind of women liberation movement, first under the umbrella of WRAPA, an acronym for Women’s Rights and Privileges Agency, and later under several bodies including non-governmental agencies like Women in Nigeria (WIN), Association of Northern Women in Science and Technology (ANWIST) and Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). A whole federal ministry called Ministry for Women Affairs has been established since 1995 for the development and advancement of Nigerian women towards what they call ‘gender equality’.

Through all these bodies, Nigerian women hope to acquire the freedom to pursue interest outside the home, like the opportunity to acquire education or pursue a career, instead of spending all the time doing housework.

The effects of the changes brought about by these bodies are already being felt in some families. For instance, the traditional husband-wife relationship appears to be undergoing a radical transformation. Because so man6yy women are now working, men are learning to share the household tasks of cooking, cleaning and even caring for the children. In some families, there appears to be a complete reversal of the traditional roles: the husband stays home while the wife earns the family’s income. It should be pointed out, however, that this is the exception, not the rule.

The effects of women’s liberation are being felt not only in the home but also on the job. More and more women are working and they are demanding equal responsible positions. It is not uncommon these days for a woman to head major Government ministries and parastatals. Many businesses now encourage women to advance to high management positions, and every year, the nation’s higher institutions produce more women doctors, lawyers, and accountants.

Politics and government are other areas that are feeling the impact of women’s movement. Although Nigerians do not appear ready to accept a woman president, women are already being elected to public offices in increasing numbers as senators and members of the national and state assemblies. Although Nigeria is yet to have a woman governor, which is the highest office in a state, there have been a few women deputy governors and house speakers. A few years ago, this would have been unthinkable.

In conclusion, women in Nigeria are acquiring greater independence which is causing sweeping changes in the society – at home, at work and in politics. Some men may not be happy with these changes but the women are always quick to point out that it was they, the men, who created the condition leading to the reaction of the women.

The expression causing sweeping changes as used in the passage, means


improving husband-wife relationship
cleaning up the Nigerian society
producing fair-reaching effects
resulting in unpalatable consequences

The correct answer is C.


This passage talks about how women in Nigeria are seeking independence and recognition. They want to be able to pursue interests outside of the home, like education and careers, instead of just doing housework. To achieve this, they have formed various organizations and even a federal ministry has been created for women's development and advancement. The changes brought about by these movements are already being felt in some families, where men are learning to share household tasks and there is even a reversal of traditional roles in some cases. Women are also demanding equal responsible positions in the workplace and are being elected to public offices in increasing numbers.

The question asks what the expression "causing sweeping changes" means in the passage. The correct answer is option C, which means producing far-reaching effects. This means that the changes brought about by women's liberation are affecting not just the home, but also the workplace and politics, and are having a significant impact on Nigerian society as a whole.

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