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Setting up a news paper involves a lot of preparations. The __11__ has to employ...

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Setting up a news paper involves a lot of preparations. The __11__ has to employ a lot of people. Other people working with him are cartographers, editors, typesetters, readers, who work in various ways to produce the text of the newspaper, __12__, who go out and collect story and items of news, and __13__, who specialize in one kind of topic. Another important person who works closely with the Editor-in-Chief is the __14__, who has to choose the most important stories__15__ go through stories sent to them and make necessary adjustments.

The Editor-in-Chief could determine for instance, whether a particular journalist should write articles daily or weekly in a particular column. Such a journalist is known as __16__. The editorials of the news paper will be coordinated by __17__. The publisher could decide to establish __18__ which would be on sale weekly, fortnightly, or monthly,__19__ the eyes catching, screaming headlines and captions of newspapers on sale everyday from the __20__.

Choose the most appropriate option for the gap labelled 13.



The correct answer is B.


In the context of the question, the gap labelled 13 is referring to a type of journalist who specializes in one kind of topic. The correct answer is Option B: correspondents.

Correspondents are journalists who work in different locations, often specializing in specific subjects or areas of interest. They gather information, conduct interviews, and write articles or reports about their assigned topics. These professionals play a crucial role in providing in-depth and accurate news stories for the newspaper.

Here's a brief overview of the other options:

  • Option A: newscasters are people who present news stories on television or radio, not those who specialize in writing about specific topics for newspapers.
  • Option C: distributors are responsible for the distribution of the newspaper to different locations, but they don't specialize in any specific topic.
  • Option D: listeners are not related to the newspaper production process, as they are simply the audience for radio or television news programs.

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