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Read the passage carefully and answer the question that follows:It is customary ...


Read the passage carefully and answer the question that follows:

It is customary nowadays among fashionable ladies and gentlemen to acquire strange and sometimes quaint clothes which are scarcely ever used: Sometimes it may be an approaching festival; sometimes a two hours' ceremony and sometimes to honour a dead colleague - something triggers off the modern craze to sew new materials whose use does not outlast the moment of craze. And so, people who just occupy small apartments in their parents' homes, or have rented one room in a densely-peopled house find that more than two-thirds of their rooms are filled with bongo trousers which they cannot wear, worn out jeans which stink, or specially made clothes for occasions that are not recurrent.

Although plagued by the problem of school fees for their children, parents have had to swallow their own phlegm and humour of their children who need special clothes for important events. Newly employed youths soon find that their comrades are getting married, and new and special attire must be used to grace the occasion. University students see matriculation ceremonies or induction ceremonies into club membership as special reasons to make new attire which you may be sure they would not wear on another occasion that parallels the one for which these clothes were made.

Medical doctors may soon find another cause for the incidence of high blood pressure among the youth. The desire to acquire new clothes is one strong possible cause, but a more subtle one which haunts like a ghost is the problem of choice of what to wear. The youths have so stuffed their apartments, wardrobes, drawers and trunks with so many clothes that the greatest problem they face is the choice of what to wear.

A suitable title for this passage is


A) Fashion craze

B) Fashion craze among the youth

C) University students and induction ceremonies

D) Parents and the money for fashion craze

The correct answer is A.

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