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Question 381

Supply of electricity in Nigeria is the responsibility of


A) National Electric Power Authority

B) Power Holding Company of Nigeria

C) National Atomic Power Agency

D) National Energy Commission

E) National Emergency Management Agency

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Question 382

In which geo-political zone of Nigeria is Plateau state located?


A) North east

B) North west

C) North central

D) South south

E) East

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Question 383

Concerning the Nigerian coat of arms, the two white horses represent our


A) fertile land

B) rivers Niger and Benue

C) dignity

D) pride

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Question 384

In the Nigerian coat of arms, the red eagle connotes the


A) strength and pride

B) dignity

C) good land

D) agriculture

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Question 385

As petroleum is to Nigeria, what is to south Africa?


A) Coal

B) Copper

C) Gold

D) Zinc

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Question 386

Which of the following rivers is not found in Nigeria?


A) River Kaduna

B) Cross River

C) River Niger

D) River Nile

E) River Benue

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Question 387

One of the following is a traditional leader in Calabar


A) Eze

B) Emir

C) Obong

D) Oba

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Question 388

Chief Gani Fawehinmi died in


A) 2006

B) 2007

C) 2008

D) 2009

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