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Computer Studies Past Questions | JAMB, WAEC, NECO and Post UTME Past Questions

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Question 21

The following are output devices except


A) plotter

B) monitor

C) printer

D) mouse

E) speakers

Question 22

What are the two broad categories of software?


A) Transaction and System

B) Microsoft and Mac OS

C) MS Word and spreadsheet

D) Transaction and Application

E) System and Application

Question 23

Who owns the Internet?


A) Internet Architecture Board

B) No one owns it

C) Internet Engineering Task Force


E) InterNIC

Question 24

What type of device is a computer printer?


A) storage

B) output

C) input

D) software

E) processing

Question 25

Memory management is a feature of


A) operating system

B) processor


D) animation

E) MS Word

Question 26

What does HTTP stand for?


A) Head Tail Transfer Plot

B) Hypertext Transmission Process

C) Hypertext Transfer Protocol

D) Hypertext Transfer Plotter

E) Head Tail Transfer Protocol

Question 27

Which of these is a correct format of an email address?


A) contact.website.info

B) contact@website@info

C) contact@website.info

D) contactwebsite.info

E) contact.website@info

Question 28

What type of device is a digital camera?


A) processing

B) input

C) software

D) storage

E) output

Question 29

MS Word is an example of



B) System Software

C) Operating System

D) Application Software

E) Scanner

Question 30

What type of device is a computer mouse?


A) storage

B) output

C) input

D) processing

E) software

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