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Question 11

Which software application is used for accessing sites or information on a network (as the World Wide Web)?


A) Microsoft Excel

B) Microsoft Word

C) FileZilla

D) Operating System

E) Web Browser

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Question 12

What does BIOS stand for?


A) Basic Input Output System

B) Better Integrated Operating System

C) Backup Input Output System

D) Battery Integrated Operating Setup

E) Battery Input Operating System

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Question 13

In computers, '.tmp' extension refers usually to what kind of file?


A) video file

B) database file

C) temporary file

D) text file

E) image file

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Question 14

One kilobyte contains how many bytes?


A) 1001

B) 1000

C) 10

D) 1024

E) 100

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Question 15

What type of devices are computer speakers or headphones?


A) input

B) storage

C) processing

D) software

E) output

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Question 16

Which of the following is not a storage device?



B) flash drive

C) mouse

D) hard disk

E) floppy disk

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Question 17

A program that can copy itself and infect a computer without the permission or knowledge of the owner is called what?


A) monitor

B) flash

C) floppy

D) virus

E) java

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Question 18

What type of device is a 31/2 inch floppy disk?


A) input

B) processing

C) storage

D) output

E) software

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Question 19

Which of this is a correct format of an IP address?



B) 192.168.900.1



E) 192.900.168.1

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Question 20

What is Windows XP?


A) storage device

B) processor

C) operating system

D) input device

E) output device

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