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Labour as an input in production can be motivated by

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Labour as an input in production can be motivated by



The correct answer is C.


Labour as an input in production refers to the work or effort put in by individuals to produce goods or provide services. In order to motivate labour, which means to encourage or inspire them to work harder and be more productive, various factors can be considered.

One of the options listed is training. Training refers to providing employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their jobs effectively. When workers receive proper training, they can feel more confident and competent in their work, leading to increased motivation.

Another option is profit. Profit is the financial gain or reward that a business earns from its operations. When workers see that the company is making a profit, they may be motivated to work harder because they know their efforts are contributing to the success of the business.

Remuneration, which is the correct answer, is another important factor in motivating labour. Remuneration refers to the payment or compensation that workers receive for their work. When workers are paid fairly and receive competitive wages, they are more likely to be motivated to perform well and be productive.

The last option listed is promotion. Promotion refers to the advancement or upward movement of an employee within a company. When workers see that there are opportunities for promotion and career growth, they may be motivated to work harder in order to improve their chances of being promoted.

In summary, labour can be motivated by factors such as training, profit, remuneration, and promotion. However, the correct answer in this case is remuneration, as fair and competitive payment is a key factor in motivating workers.

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