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Stevedores as a term in foreign trade means men who

CommerceJAMB UTME 1997


Stevedores as a term in foreign trade means men who


inspect goods in ships
import goods by ships
collect duties in ships
load and unload ships

The correct answer is D.


The term "stevedores" in foreign trade refers to men who load and unload ships. They are responsible for handling the cargo and ensuring that it is properly loaded onto the ship or unloaded from it. Stevedores play an important role in the shipping industry as they help to ensure that goods are transferred safely and efficiently between ships and ports. This involves tasks such as lifting heavy cargo, operating machinery, and organizing the placement of goods within the ship's cargo hold. Stevedores require physical strength and expertise in handling different types of cargo. They work closely with other members of the shipping crew and follow safety protocols to prevent accidents and damage to the cargo. Therefore, the correct option for this question is Option D: load and unload ships.

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  • A stevedore, dockworker, docker, dock laborer, wharfie, wharf rat, lumper, and/or longshoreman is a waterfront manual laborer who is involved in loading and unloading ships.