Commerce Past Questions | JAMB, WAEC, NECO and Post UTME Past Questions

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Question 21

The Stock Exchange is a market where?


A) long-term securities are sold

B) all types of securities are sold

C) short-term securities are sold

D) medium-term securities are sold

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Question 22

A retail cooperative society aims at?


A) hoarding manufactured goods

B) cutting off the profit of the middlemen

C) lending money to members at a low interest rates

D) encouraging members to save money

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Question 23

A bill of exchange already accepted can be discounted by the holder in?


A) the central bank

B) at least two banks

C) his bank

D) any bank

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Question 24

The document issued by the seller which gives detail of the goods he sells is known as?


A) catalogue

B) tender

C) price list

D) invoice

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Question 25


i. Retail

ii. Export

iii. Transport

iv. Import

v. Insurance

vi. Banking and finance

vii. Wholesale

viii Communication

Which of the above is aid to trade?


A) i, ii, iii and viii

B) iii, v, vi and viii

C) i, ii, iii and vi

D) ii, v, vi, and vii

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Question 26

The organizational structure that relates the positions of specialist to the line mangers is called?


A) line structure

B) staff structure

C) line and staff structure

D) functional structure

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Question 27

A wholesaler who possesses the title of goods he sells is known as?


A) a merchant wholesaler

B) a multiple wholesaler

C) a general wholesaler

D) an agent wholesaler

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Question 28

An important principle of a good organization structure is


A) ideal standard

B) span control

C) clarity of mission

D) adequacy resources

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Question 29

A company that is registered with the corporate Affairs Commission only without being enlisted on the Stock Exchange is a?


A) public liability company

B) joint venture company

C) limited company

D) registered company

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Question 30

A contract for the sale of goods involved the?


A) producer, seller and the buyer of goods

B) offering of goods to customers

C) transfering of the title to goods for money

D) exchange of goods

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