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Question 11

Under the endowment policy, the money handed over to the insured at the expiration of the stipulated time or at death is the?


A) indemnity

B) surrender value

C) lump sum benefit

D) insurance premium

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Question 12

The machine used for sending telex messages is known as a


A) radar

B) fax machine

C) dictaphone

D) teleprinter

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Question 13

Which of these insurance principles requires a close connection between the actual loss suffered and the risk insured?


A) indemnity

B) proximate cause

C) Contribution

D) Subrogation

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Question 14

The unit through which result of a processed data are displayed is the


A) logic unit

B) display unit

C) control unit

D) output unit

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Question 15

Which of the following is used to inform the addressee that a registered parcel is ready for collection?


A) Express label

B) Counterfoil

C) Telegram

D) Slip

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Question 16

The type of computer commonly found in office is?


A) laptop

B) desktop

C) the hybrid computer

D) the mainframe computer

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Question 17

The mode of transporting crude oil to the ports for export purposes is by


A) tanker

B) rail

C) road

D) pipeline

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Question 18

The temporary insurance certificate issued to the insured before drawing up a policy is a?


A) cover note

B) testimonial

C) time policy

D) proposal form

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Question 19

The bulls and bears in the Stock Exchange market help to minimize


A) the number of shares and bonds sold

B) price increases of securities

C) fluctuations in the prices os securities

D) the elasticity of the prices of securities

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Question 20

Debentures differ from shares in that


A) they are secured on the company's assets

B) ownership is open to the public

C) they form part of the capital of the business

D) rewards are usually paid out of profits

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