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Question 1

The scope of commerce is limited to


A) home and foreign trade

B) wholesale and retail trade

C) trade and aids-to-trade

D) wholesale and entrepot trade

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Question 2

Which of the following groups is paid first when a firm liquidates?


A) Ordinary shareholders

B) Preference shareholders

C) Debentures preference shareholders

D) Cumulative preference shareholders

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Question 3

Which of the following are features of a limited liability company?
i.Separate legal entity
ii. Right to sue but not be sued
iii. Has its own corporate name
iv. The liability of members is limited.


A) i,ii and iii

B) ii,iii and iv

C) i,ii and jv

D) i,iii and iv

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Question 4

Which of the following rs an internal source of capital to a business concern?


A) Trade credit

B) Debenture

C) Overdraft

D) Retained profit

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Question 5

Total assets minus current liability is equal to a company's


A) Gross profit

B) Net profit

C) capital owned

D) capital employed

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Question 6

The selling of new shares to existing shareholders is referred to as


A) Public issue

B) Offer for sale

C) Right issue

D) Bonus issue

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Question 7

If a partnership deed is silent on how profits are to be shared, partners share profits


A) in a ratio of the value of business secured by each partner for the partnership

B) in the ratio of partners' capital contributions

C) in an equal proportion, irrespective of partners' capital contributions

D) according to duties performed by each partner

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Question 8

Which of the stresses the use of only specialists to head departments?


A) Committee organization structure

B) Line organization structure

C) Line and staff organization structure

D) functional organization structure

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Question 9

The difference between personal selling and sales promotion is that while sales promotion includes free gifts and samples, personal selling involves


A) premium programming for customers

B) distributing instructional posters

C) face-to-face communication with customers

D) publishing promotional booklets

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Question 10

The media used for inter-department communication includes


A) circulars, notice boards and departments

B) memoranda, advertising and face-to-face

C) memoranda, advertising and telephone

D) memoranda, circulars and telephone

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