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Ahab and Gehazi demonstrated the spirit of


Ahab and Gehazi demonstrated the spirit of



The correct answer is C.


This question is asking which spirit was demonstrated by Ahab and Gehazi. Ahab was a king who married a pagan woman and allowed the worship of pagan gods in Israel. Gehazi was the servant of Elisha, a prophet of God, who lied and took gifts from Naaman, a Syrian whom Elisha had healed of leprosy.

The options given are apostasy, selfishness, greed, and treachery. Apostasy means the abandonment of one's religious beliefs. Selfishness means being concerned only with oneself and not caring about others. Greed means having an excessive desire for wealth or material possessions. Treachery means betrayal of trust or loyalty.

The correct option for this question is option C, which is greed. Ahab and Gehazi both demonstrated greed. Ahab was greedy for power and possessions, and he was willing to compromise his faith to get what he wanted. Gehazi was greedy for the gifts that Naaman offered to Elisha, and he lied to get them.

This question is important because it teaches us the negative consequences of greed. Greed can lead us to do things that are contrary to our faith and values. It can also lead to the loss of trust and relationships. As Christians, we are called to be content with what we have and to trust in God's provision.

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