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On the ________day, the child was _______and named Jesus

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On the ________day, the child was _______and named Jesus


Eight, anointed
Ninth, Circumcised
Ninth, Anointed
Eight, Circumcised

The correct answer is D.


This question is asking about the day on which Jesus was circumcised and named. According to the options given, the correct answer is option D, which states that Jesus was circumcised and named on the eighth day. This is in line with the Jewish tradition of circumcising male babies on the eighth day after their birth. Circumcision was a sign of the covenant between God and Abraham, and all male Jews were expected to be circumcised.

In addition to circumcision, Jesus was also anointed, which means he was ceremonially blessed with oil. This was a common practice in the Old Testament for setting apart people and objects for sacred purposes. Anointing symbolized the presence of the Holy Spirit and consecration to God's service.

So, in summary, on the eighth day after his birth, Jesus was circumcised and named in accordance with Jewish tradition. He was also anointed, which represented his consecration to God's service. Understanding the significance of these events is an important aspect of Christian religious knowledge.

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  • Because it is after eight days that a child is named and at that time circumcision was also done that same day