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Peter advised Christians to _______as they were sharing Christ's sufferings

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Peter advised Christians to _______as they were sharing Christ's sufferings


Be Prayerful
Be Steadfast

The correct answer is B.


The question is asking what Peter advised Christians to do while sharing Christ's sufferings. The options are A) Be Prayerful, B) Rejoice (which is the correct answer), C) Persevere, and D) Be Steadfast.

Peter was one of the apostles of Jesus Christ and he wrote letters to Christians to encourage and instruct them. In this case, Peter is advising Christians on how to endure suffering for their faith.

The correct answer is B) Rejoice. This may seem counterintuitive because suffering is not a happy experience. However, Peter is not telling Christians to be happy about their suffering, but rather to rejoice in the fact that they are sharing in Christ's sufferings. This means that they are identifying with Christ and his sacrifice, which is a great honor. It also means that they can have hope that they will one day share in Christ's glory.

To understand more about this, Christians can read the relevant sections of the Bible, particularly 1 Peter 4:12-19. In these verses, Peter explains that Christians should not be surprised when they face trials, but should instead rejoice that they are participating in Christ's sufferings. He also encourages them to trust in God and commit themselves to doing good.

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  • Seeing as their reward is in heaven and that they share in the burden of Christ, St Peter advised that Christians "rejoice" even in the midst of suffering.