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Hosea married Gomer, a harlot to symbolize the

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Hosea married Gomer, a harlot to symbolize the


unfaithfulness of Israel in forsaking the Lord
steadfastness of Israel in worship
Attitude of Israel toward harlots
punishment awaiting Israel
wickedness of Israel

The correct answer is A.


In the book of Hosea in the Bible, the prophet Hosea was instructed by God to marry a woman named Gomer who was a harlot. This marriage was symbolic and meant to represent something. The question is asking what the marriage symbolized.

The correct answer is option A: unfaithfulness of Israel in forsaking the Lord. The marriage between Hosea and Gomer symbolized the relationship between God and the people of Israel. Just as Gomer was unfaithful to Hosea, the people of Israel were unfaithful to God by worshiping other gods and turning away from Him.

The book of Hosea speaks a lot about the unfaithfulness of Israel and God's love and mercy towards them despite their disobedience. It is a reminder that God's love is unconditional and that even when we turn away from Him, He is always ready to forgive us if we repent and turn back to Him.

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