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What does the "cup" mean in the Gospel Matthew ?

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What does the "cup" mean in the Gospel Matthew ?


a water container
a temple vessel
a metaphor for suffering

The correct answer is C.


In the Gospel of Matthew, the "cup" refers to a metaphor for suffering. This means that the "cup" is not an actual physical cup, but rather a symbol used to represent the difficulties and pain that Jesus would endure during his crucifixion. It represents the sacrifice that Jesus made for the salvation of humanity. In the Bible, Jesus prayed to God in the garden of Gethsemane asking if it was possible for the "cup" to be taken away from him, but ultimately accepted God's will and drank from the "cup". It is important to note that the "cup" is not a blessing or a water container, nor is it a temple vessel or a reference to the crucifixion itself. Understanding the meaning of the "cup" in Matthew's Gospel helps us to better understand the sacrifice that Jesus made for us.

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