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Two of the seven deacons are

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Two of the seven deacons are


Parmenas and Proselytus
Simon and Stephen
Nicanor and Nicolaus
Prochorus and Protus

The correct answer is C.


This question is asking about the names of two of the seven deacons. Deacons are leaders in the Christian church who help with tasks such as distributing food and caring for the poor. In the Bible, seven men were chosen to serve as deacons in the early Christian church.

The question gives us four options to choose from: Parmenas and Proselytus, Simon and Stephen, Nicanor and Nicolaus, and Prochorus and Protus. We are asked to choose two names from these options.

The correct answer is Option C: Nicanor and Nicolaus. These were two of the seven deacons in the early Christian church. The other options are incorrect.

It is important for Christians to learn about the history and organization of the early Christian church, including the role of deacons. This can help us understand the development of Christian beliefs and practices over time.

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